Knob and Tube Removal and Replacement Services by Ionic Electrical Contracting Inc.

Knob, Tube Removal & Replacement Services

Licensed and Insured Electrical Contractor in Cornwall

Some old homes still have the original Knob and tube wiring. This is an outdated and unsafe wiring method. It is now recognized as uninsurable by many insurance companies. Many old homes have only parts of the home rewired with modern wiring, and the owners often aren't aware that some of this wiring still lingers. We have the knowledge base, skill set, and experience to work in these older homes. We can install new wiring and carefully work around their quirks and watch carefully not to compromise the integrity of its charm while we route and snake the new wires through.

Ionic Electrical Contracting Inc. is an owner/operator business who puts care in every aspect of the task at hand. You can rest assured the job will be done properly, safely and efficiently at a reasonable price.

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